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The Science of People in organisations

Through research partnerships, the Institute of Management Psychology aims to understand and fundamentally improve people's experience at work. Our expertise covers key aspects of human behaviour, leadership, employee motivation and well-being in organisations. 

We are a collaborative research institute. Researchers, organisational psychologists and global experts partner with community, non-profit organisations and business in a joint effort to solve real industry problems and contribute new insights into human behaviour and workplace dynamics.

Engage with us to investigate and tackle some of the biggest people-related issues facing organisations today

institute of management psychology

Research collaboration and support


Participate in leading-edge scientific research and contribute new insights into organisational behaviour. Benefit fromearly-access to findings and industry benchmarks.

Industry Partnerships

Partner with leading researchers and experts to investigate and tackle your organisation's own strategic issues.

evidence-based practice

Get expert advice. Develop, implement and evaluate evidence-based interventions and effective people-management approaches.

Measurement & Evaluation

Measure employee statisfaction and the quality of you organisation's climate. Evaluate people-related programs and practices to assess their strategic impact.





institute of management psychology

What projects do we work on?

Industry Partnerships

Reducing turnover in volunteer organisations

Turnover rates in volunteer organisations have reached critical levels and many community and non-profit organisations are struggling to maintain adequate volunteer numbers to continue to deliver vital services to the community.  Partnerships between researchers and non-profit volunteer using organisations have focused on formulating an evidence-based approach to retain volunteer workers in Australian volunteer organisations.

Research project

linking leadership to workplacewell-being 

Effective leadership is a critical factor for optimising health and wellbeing in the workplace. Our researchers are investigating leadership behaviours that impact employee well-being and looking into the mechanisms through which leaders’ interpersonal style influences well-being outcomes in organisations.

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